[ Rice + Beans ]

Acacia of Hope's mission is to empower the people of east Africa spiritually, educationally, and economically. We desire to not just help those who live in one od the most devastating places in the world, but to change their lives.

Many times when we are serving in Kenya providing a Bible, or education, or another service we always find the children and parents hungry. Physically Hungry. Parents give what food they can to their children making them also go to bed with hunger pains. For me it puts into perspective when we as Americans say, "IM STARVING!" when we haven't ate in a few hours.

You see.....Food is a necessity to live, but in Africa food almost seems like a privilege.

At least 25 percent of Kenya’s population is categorized as “starving.” Let me say that again...one quarter of Kenya's population is deemed "STARVING" according to government  estimates.

The number one cause of death in children under five is malnutrition. For America, the main cause of death are accidents. Today, how will you show appreciation and thankfulness in your life? At Acacia of Hope, we continually make "food drops" to a variety of places such as our partner schools, parents of sponsored children, our Bible Club, and any special need that may arise. And one thing we can say is that there is never enough food. Won't you join us by becoming a monthly donor to food? One drop of rice or beans can literally save a child's life.

We don’t want them to taste hunger. We want them to taste hope.

Join with us. Become a Tribe Changer. Learn more here: Be Involved.