[ Another Election Day? ]

Kenya held it’s first general election on August 8th to elect the President and other members of the government. The top two candidates were current President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga. Despite the country holding a democracy and  many polls showing that Odinga received the votes, Kenyatta was announced as the continued President. News channels announced the election has been rigged by votes being tampered with and counting being changed, which brought upon a series of issues from civil unrest, murders, to protests. Our team members even evacuated Kibera Slum for extra procauction. The Supreme Court later ruled that the election was not pure and that a re-election would take place.

On October 23rd, the Kenyan people were once again go to the polls to vote, but candidate Odinga decided to remove himself from consideration. No matter what the future brings, we fervently pray peace upon the entire country. That no matter what the outcome is the country can accept and move forward, not for political reasons but for each other. Beyond that, the longer political agendas are prioritized above the people of Kenya the longer many will suffer.

Unlike first world countries where businesses, schools, and organizations continue to run during election, many third world countries completely shut down. Schools close early for break, families leave the city and stay in their village, businesses close up shop. In fact, due to the issues of the election over the past few months, it has stunted our progress to receive NGO status. Although, we are very thankful we were able to purchase land before everything slowed down. Now that the election is in limbo, it puts everything else in limbo.

Until a decision is made we wait and we pray. That is all that we can do!