[ Water ]

The average distance an African will walk to acquire water is two miles one-way. Like so many of us in the western world, I seem to have forgotten the luxury of being able to get water just from a turn of a knob. When I am in the States I do not think twice about turning on the water, letting is run profusely so it can grow cold, and chug all that I want. Here it is much different. For most, one has access to water but not clean water. A turn of the faucet here does not equate clean, […]

[ The Stats in Water ]

I am super excited to be helping Acacia of Hope to begin Clean Water classes. These classes, attended by mothers, will provide thorough education about water. Items that will be discussed includes: what organisms live in water, what really is in dirty water, steps to take to stay healthy with your water, and how to use and clean a water filter. Why mothers? Because in Kenya, and most of Africa, mothers are the head of the household, running their homes from gathering water to cleaning to cooking meals. We want to support them in their roles. Every family representative who […]

[ Acacia of Hope + UZima Filters ]

We have been working with the idea of clean water for a few years now, testing a variety of brands of single and family water filters while overseas. Clean water has always been a passion of mine, and Acacia of Hope’s. For so many who live in Africa, access to clear and clean water is a difficulty. For those who live in Kibera, there is access to water through various spouts throughout the slum. Unfortunately, those spouts and piping is crossed with low-quality sewage pipes, cross-contaminating any water. These spouts is the cheapest place to buy water, so many families […]

[ Clean Water ]

A flushing toilet or glass of water from the faucet is an item that daily taken for granted in the western world. For those who live in developing countries, those everyday accessibilities can mean life or death. According to UNICEF, “Nearly half of all people using dirty water live in sub-Saharan Africa” (2015). Clean water, toilets, and good hygiene are vital for the existence of people living in Kibera. Acacia of Hope desires to bring these basic necessities to the children and their families. Although we have dabbled in providing a total of a few hundred toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, wash […]

[ New Partnership ]

We are thrilled to continue to expand our partnerships in a meaningful and impactful way. We are proud to begin to partner with a few high schools, as many of our sponsored girls are now in or getting close to attending! We are so thankful for our sponsors who have been supporting so many children over the years. Maono Education Centre prides itself in good teacher/student ratios with many of their teachers and leaders being professed Christians. Maono Education Centre provides knowledge to roughly 200 students yearly. In fact, 74 of them just finished their exit exam recently to graduate high […]

[ Christmas in Kenya ]

The United States is not the only place that celebrates Christmas. Many do not know that Christmas actually is the most widely celebrated holiday in the entire world. Kenya is not exception. Celebration takes place the entire month of December with three main holidays: Jamhuri Day, Christmas Day, and Boxing Day. Jamhuri Day is a national holiday that is celebrating Kenya’s independence. It takes place on December 12th and is filled with celebration and cultural festivities. In Kenya, Christmastime is when family and friends spend time with one another. Many travel upcountry to a home village where they can spend […]

[ Doodling Becomes Plans ]

Commit your work to the Lord, and your plans will be established. – Proverbs 16:3 I have been daydreaming and doodling more than I really should be lately. I can not help but daydream; daydreaming about children giggling while sprinting through our doors of our future centre, women condensing on our porch about to have a Bible study, the smell of rice and chapati simmering for street children . . . It is exciting to think that my daydreaming will become reality soon enough. My doodles are of the centre. Will it have double doors? Do we need a second […]

[ The Stats ]

Research and studies have proven time and time again that girls face more hardship than boys, especially in third world or developing countries. Research has also showed that if we provide females with opportunity, that not only does their mortality rate decrease, but the countries own economic development improves. The following are facts about females and the barriers they face: Thirty-six million girls in Sub-Saharan Africa do not have access to basic education. (UNICEF) Almost 65 percent of illiterate adults are women (565 million). Most of these women live in the developing regions of Africa, Asia, and Latin America. (UNICEF) In Africa, the […]

[ Another Election Day? ]

Kenya held it’s first general election on August 8th to elect the President and other members of the government. The top two candidates were current President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga. Despite the country holding a democracy and  many polls showing that Odinga received the votes, Kenyatta was announced as the continued President. News channels announced the election has been rigged by votes being tampered with and counting being changed, which brought upon a series of issues from civil unrest, murders, to protests. Our team members even evacuated Kibera Slum for extra procauction. The Supreme Court later ruled that the election was […]

[ Wisdom ]

In the United States, 99.9% of all school-aged children go to school (NCES, 2016).   This is not a surprising statistic. In fact, I am wondering where the .1% is! Education here is a given. We westerners see education as not just a citizen right, but a human one. Education is so normal here that many times we don’t even think of it as a privilege because it has always been there, just as McDonald’s has always had the best fountain Coke! It is a given. For the rest of the world, only 58% of all students who are secondary-school age […]

[ The Acacia Tree ]

  I have always loved trees, especially Acacia (uh-kay-sha) trees. Although using it as a name was not even something I was considering at the time. Finding a name for a new non-profit is quite difficult since so many names are already taken. I struggled for weeks trying to figure out a name that was not only creative and not taken, but one that spoke to the vision God put on my heart. I would sit down at my desk for hours, writing down ideas and asking others their thoughts. One day I sat down at my desk and started […]

Cultural Curves

We absolutely love going overseas to support our Kenyan team with ministry. Trips back to our real home and hearts is the best. Nothing is more exciting than seeing our sponsored girls for the first time after a six month stint, hugging old friends, getting in touch with our partners, or visiting our regular shopkeepers. But with all the excitement comes an immense amount of work.   Did you know it takes an average of four to six weeks, if not more, to plan our short American visits to Kenya?  Our American viewpoint tells us to plan, and plan some […]