[ Clean Water ]

A flushing toilet or glass of water from the faucet is an item that daily taken for granted in the western world. For those who live in developing countries, those everyday accessibilities can mean life or death. According to UNICEF, “Nearly half of all people using dirty water live in sub-Saharan Africa” (2015). Clean water, toilets, and good hygiene are vital for the existence of people living in Kibera.

Acacia of Hope desires to bring these basic necessities to the children and their families. Although we have dabbled in providing a total of a few hundred toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, wash clothes, famine products and water filters to children in Kibera, we are wanting to do more.

We do not just want to make an impact, we want to CHANGE and SAVE lives. We are excited to partner with a few local NGOs in Kenya to provide clean water and light to families in Kibera Slum this upcoming year. This will include water filters made in Africa, along with a course that families can attend to learn about disease in water, sanitation and how to clean their new filter. Clean water is one of our programs that we will be significantly expanding in 2018 and we are excited to share more in future!