[ Doodling Becomes Plans ]

Commit your work to the Lord, and your plans will be established. – Proverbs 16:3

I have been daydreaming and doodling more than I really should be lately.

I can not help but daydream; daydreaming about children giggling while sprinting through our doors of our future centre, women condensing on our porch about to have a Bible study, the smell of rice and chapati simmering for street children . . . It is exciting to think that my daydreaming will become reality soon enough.

My doodles are of the centre. Will it have double doors? Do we need a second floor? Will it be metal or cement blocks? Should we have an open floor plan? Will we even have a porch? There are so many possibilities to consider! It is fun to pretend like I know what I am doing and contract is a stick house on paper.

These  doodles have already become actual plans. And those plans will become actual brick and mortar. And those brick and mortar will become a home. And that home will save and change lives.

God is our builder and saver. And I can not wait to see what sort of plan he cooks up with us!