Q: Where does my donation gift go?

A:  General monetary donations go to our organization and is put straight towards our highest need. If you like, you can donate and designate it toward whatever you like. Just make sure you send us a note when you give! If you donate towards Make-A-Change Child Sponsorship program, all of your giving goes to your child and extras. Extras could include but are not limited to: food for her family, water, school supplies, or a medical visit. If you become a Tribe Changer, all of your giving goes to building our center first. Once built, your donation will go directly towards goods and services within the center that directly serves the people of Kibera Slum, including orphans, street children, and adults.


Q: How are the amounts selected for monthly donation increments for your Tribe Changers?

A:  Due to working in a third world country, prices of items such as chairs, sheet metal, and food fluctuate depending on the economy. Bartering is utilized daily to receive the best prices possible.  While we attempted to provide an accurate amount for each item, these prices do change daily in Africa.


Q: When will I get my tax receipt?

A:  You will receive a notification and a receipt every month from PayPal via e-mail if you prefer to keep track of your receipts on a monthly basis. Every supporter receives a tax receipt for the entire year before the tax season begins.


Q: How do I change or stop my monthly donation?

A:  Any changes can be made through logging into PayPal. From there, you should be able to raise, lower, or stop your monthly donation.


Q: How do I change my debit or credit card?

A:  In order to keep your information secure, PayPal does not share your financial information with us. To access it you will need to log into PayPal. From there, you should be able to edit, add, or remove any debit, credit, or bank account.


Sponsorship Program


Q: How long does the program last?

A:  As long as you want it to! We hope that you can sponsor your child up to graduation. Although, we do know that life happens and things can change.


Q: Why may I not be able to keep the same child the whole time?

A:  Our goal is to allow you keep the same child for years, that she is part of your family. Due to how transitional Kibera Slum is that may be the case. Families come and go in Kibera daily. The conditions are hard and therefore, when the family has an opportunity to move out, they will.  Even though it is hard to see a child you have become connected with go, it is a good thing to see them leave Kibera Slum.


Q: What makes you different from other organizations who do sponsorships?

A:  What you see is what you get! Most larger organizations who do sponsorships are not able to keep the sponsorship personal with pictures and letters, we can! Also, when you sign up for sponsorships with larger organizations your money does not go to the child, but the community. That way if your child leaves the area, your money will continue with the community. Even though this is a great help to Africa, we know that sponsors want to give to their specific child, not the community.