[Fourth Church Coming]

Because of an amazing group of givers that we like to call our Tribe Changers, Acacia will be breaking ground on its fourth church in Massailand. Massiland is a large area in Kenya where the Massai tribe lives. This tribe is famous for its colorful beadwork, red clothing, and high jump dancing. Much of this tribe still live in huts made of a mixture of dirt, animal dung, and sticks. They survive off of the land around them and livestock.

In my personal experience, the Massai tribe is also one of the kindest, accepting me, a white foreigner, into their home to learn about their culture and life. I have also see such spiritual progress with the Massai tribe. Many villages in Massailand still practice polygamy and witchcraft. I have met countless families who have come to know Christ and have changed their generational family traditions to follow Christ.

This particular church has a beautiful story. As you can see in the photos, this church is already partially built. This amazing village began building this church in 2004, more than 18 years ago in hopes of having a church one day.

In a recent trip to Kenya, I drove past this building time and time again wondering what kind of structure. My spirit was calling me to stop at the old blocks. I finally asked our friend to pull over and allow me to get out to take photos. The entrance of this building had old acacia tree limbs blocking the opening. I knew that perhaps God was calling our ministry back to this place.  Now, 9 months later, we are working with the chief, leaders, and villagers to make this dream be a miracle.

This amazing community deserves a place of worship. They deserve to praise Him in the sun, in the rain, in the dry season. Because of kind donors, it will happen! Currently, we are finalizing our costs with the building company and the leaders of the village, and will then begin purchasing items.  Our goal is to start work by the end of the month.

We would love your prayers! Pray for the safety of the builders and for the weather to be favorable during this rainy season. Together, we will continue changing the world!