African times makes you feel like everything in the western world is super fast, because everything in Africa takes a very long time. The phrase is used often across Africa to represent adjusting to a new situation or an unexpected event, such as waiting an hour late for a meeting or waiting for an hour just to get your phone turned on. Every single day is a different day in Africa. One day you may have power, and the next day you may be taking a bucket bath. One moment the phone lines work, the next day they do not. […]

[ Rainy Season ]

Drip . . . Drip . . . Drip . . . Ping. Ping. Ping. Ping. Ping. Rushhhhhhhhhhhhh. The rainy season is upon Kenya! For me, there is nothing like the sound of African rainy pinging on the metal sheet roofing in Kibera. The sound is just so beautiful, almost like a calling from God as a reminder to the African people that He will always provide. It has not rained for over a month, causing the dust to get so bad that even the inside of many homes had a dusty, red film on it. The rains were needed! […]

[ Weekly Bible Club ]

Acacia of Hope is so blessed to partner with a beautiful local kiberian that everyone calls “Mama Regina.” She started a weekly Bible club in her home with just seven or eight children, and it has now grown to an average of 80 children! At times, they have had over 100 children attend the Bible club. With the help of amazing donors, we have been now able to ensure that the children receive rice, beans, and a few other foods every single week! Additionally, we are providing resources such as colorful bookmarks, books, pencils to help support her. In fact, […]

[ Walking Through Kibera ]

It has taken me a few trips to fully understand the maze of Kibera Slum. But make no mistake, I can finally travel through it alone and know exactly where I am going….one of our partner schools, our land, the medics, or a friend’s home! I am quite impressed with myself that I can get through the hustle and bustle of Kibera! Kibera is its own culture and community within Nairobi. Its beauty lies within its people, its music, and its fashion! It is common to walk down a path and pass someone dressed so much nicer than even me! […]

[ UZima Water Course ]

There is not enough hours in the day in Kenya. The afternoons come as quick as the morning sun. The African sun beats down in the mornings and the clouds bring the rain in the afternoons. In the States, I would use an umbrella or drive close to where I need to go to prevent getting wet. But here, the African rains bring a sense of cleansing upon me. I feel so grateful to be here and to do this work. I started the day spending time with our sponsored girls, playing with them and sharing “sweets” (candy)! They also […]

[ A Day in Kenya ]

Every day I am here it just gets better and better. Although the rains came down for quite a while, it did not dimmer the day! I am so grateful for the opportunity to the hands and feet of so many kind people who have given to Acacia of Hope. I can feel each and every one of you with me. Know that the difference being made here is what you are doing! The day started by meeting Happy J (yes, that is his name) from Uzima Filters for the delivery of a bunch of family-size water filters. I then […]

[ Sponsored Girls ]

I must admit, spending time with the sponsored girls has to be one of my highlights to my trips to Kenya. Those beautiful girls, who are sponsored by so many kind and amazing people all over the United States were beyond thrilled to see the countless backpacks. Their smiles and shrills shined brightly as they received their own person backpack and letter/card from their sponsor. All of the children personally know the name of their sponsor. Their eyes shimmer as they read their card or letter. They say, “I love “sponsor” so much!”   After they received their letters and […]

[ Bucket Baths & Power ]

Bucket baths is a normal way of life in Africa. It is common for someone to tell you that he or she has never actually had a shower similar to the western world. For so many of us we do not think twice when we turn on the water in these shower, letting it run for a few minutes so it can get to the perfect temperature of our pleasing, and then we jump in, allowing the water to shower upon us for 20, 30, or 40 minutes even. In Africa, one gets a large bucket and gather water from […]

[ Surprising & Interesting Laws ]

  A world traveler will tell you that one of the key essentials to pack are gallon bags or some sort of plastic bag. Gallon bags seem to just come in handy for so many things. Little did I know that Kenya recently made a law that all plastic bags (and yes, I mean all) are ILLEGAL.  Grocery bags, gallon bags, vacuum pack bags, carry out bags . . . all illegal. It now a normal routine that once upon entering the great country of Kenya, that all plastic bags are taken out of your bags. Every. Single. One. Beyond […]

[ Bartering ]

“Miss! Miss! Come here!,” “Sister, please come here. Come see!” “Come see my things. I will give you a good price! The chitter chatter of the African market comes from all directions. Bartering is so common in all of Africa. From food to clothing to jewelry, one can almost buy anything from the market and never pay the same price.  Sometimes it can be quite tiring to go back and forth on price, but the excitement from it makes it so much fun! The rule of thumb is to cut any price someone gives you by a 1/3, and that […]