[ Kenya’s Election ]

Kenya held it’s generational edition on August 8th to elect the President and other members of the government. The top two candidates was current President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga. Despite the country holding a democracy and  many polls showing that Odinga received the votes, Kenyatta was announced as the continued President.

News have stated that the election has been rigged by votes being tampered with and counting being changed.  This has brought on a series of issues from civil unrest, murders, to protests. Some areas have reported that tires and vehicles have been burned to show opposition and tear gas being thrown into crowds. People have been beaten, houses burned, and citizens murdered in order to silence people form protesting their opinions.  In fact, while we were overseas we were forced to evacuate Kibera due to safety concerns and large protests.

In just a few days the president will be sworn in despite results, making the country even more divided. Acacia of Hope does not support any political sides nor do we have an opinion on who is the best president. What we do know is that Kenya is crying for change, its people are crying for change, and we are crying for change. There needs to be change. Kenya deserves more.

Young children should not have to be forced to work long hours to help buy food for their family. Mothers should not have to prostitute in order to buy milk for her newborn child.  There should be access to healthcare for everyone, no matter how rich or poor. There should be access to clean water for everyone, no matter how rich or poor. There should be job opportunities for everyone, no matter rich or poor.
Today, we pray for Kenya. We pray for peace and we pray for change. Please pray with us.