[ Love Week ’22 ]

We had the honor of partnering with Elevation Church, one of the largest online churches in the world and known for their worship music, with their annual week of serving. Love Week takes place once a year and designed for the Elevation attenders to give back to their community. We were honored to host Elevation at the Acacia Educational Centre in Kenya and complete a few projects with them.

Projects included: spending time with our Bible Club children and feeding them an extra special meal of chicken and chips, providing Bibles and food to 100 families in Kibera Slum, and providing 50 families with clean water filters.

Although Love Week is clearly just 7 days, the impact of Elevation Church reaches beyond that. Because of their kind giving, countless families have been impacted for life spiritually and physically.

Thank you Elevation Church and community for your astounding impact to the Kibera community!