Sponsor A Child

Make-A-Change Child Sponsorship Program

With your monthly donation for sponsorship, you will be able to:

Give a girl or boy an education by sending them to school

Provide them a daily meal

Receive a photograph of your sponsored child and be able to learn about their background and dreams

Watch them grow through quarterly updates and pictures

Save their life!


Over one-fifth of children between the ages of about 6 and 11 are out of school, followed by one-third of youth between the ages of about 12 and 14. According to UIS data, almost 60% of youth between the ages of about 15 and 17 are not in school. 

A girl who receives an education is less likely to be sold into prostitution, child marriages, or child sex trafficking.

A girl who receives an education is likely to survive past their 18th birthday.

Diseases like HIV/AIDS are leaving kids orphaned and in charge of their households at very young ages. An estimated 50 million orphans live in Africa.

Join us in saving lives through education!

YOU can do this for just $25 a month and it is tax deductible!

Most importantly, we strive for personal relationships. Unlike some of the other large nonprofits who do child sponsorship, you can get to know and see your child more frequently. Most nonprofits only can communicate with the child to sponsor 2 times a year. We do our best to communicate with you  through e-mail, phone, and snail mail. We have team members who live in Kenya who watch over your child and we personally take trips twice a year.

Kibera is a transitional culture. Despite it being somewhat unpredictable, our focus is on children in this area. These children are the most prone to prostitute, be sold into a child marriage, and be in the slave trade. With that said, it is sometimes common for the families to come and go through Kibera. At times, that means the sponsored child might leave without notice. We do our best to keep you updated on any moves and provide you with another child to impact as soon as possible.

If you are interested in proceeding, please continue reading below:

Sponsor A Child

If you prefer to write a one-time annual check, you may write out a check to “Acacia of Hope” for $300. Please mail it to: Acacia of Hope, PO Box 1703, Wapakoneta, Ohio 45895. (If you choose this process,please e-mail us at acaciaofhope@gmail.com to let us know!)

Please also let us know if  you have a preference of a boy or girl.

After your check or PayPal has been confirmed, our team member will meet with your sponsored child, get more information on the child, and get the boy or girl set up with the school we partner with. Also, pictures will be taken! You will be able to have a picture of your sponsored child, as well as receive updates and information on specifics such as where they go to school, where they live, and other information throughout the year. This information will come through snail mail and e-mail.

And remember, your donation is tax deductible and we will mail you a receipt before the next tax year comes! Have more questions? Check our our FAQ page here: FAQs