[ Wisdom ]

In the United States, 99.9% of all school-aged children go to school (NCES, 2016).


This is not a surprising statistic. In fact, I am wondering where the .1% is! Education here is a given. We westerners see education as not just a citizen right, but a human one. Education is so normal here that many times we don’t even think of it as a privilege because it has always been there, just as McDonald’s has always had the best fountain Coke! It is a given. For the rest of the world, only 58% of all students who are secondary-school age goes to school.For sub-Sahara Africa, that number drops to only thirty percent (UNICEF, 2009). Thirty!

When interview our girls on what they would like in their future and what their dreams are, do you know what many of them say? They say, “To have an education.” Not only do they dream of going to school. They say they want to have good health. They say they want to be able to have food and clothing.

Hearing from our sponsored girls keeps me grounded. It reminds me things that I have taken for granted that could be easily taken from me one day. Let us not only continue to help these girls, but also make sure our lives are changing with theirs.