[ Strangers to Family ]

Many third world countries are filled with suffering – the hunger, the poverty, the effects of corruption. But God calls us to provide hope to even the most devastating of places. Most of our givers have never been to out of the country, let alone Africa.

These amazing people give their hard-earned money to people that they literally do not know and will never meet. God call sus to meet the needs of strangers.

I was a stranger and you invited me in.—Matthew 25:35

At first it may seem odd to trust a total stranger, but Jesus calls us to trust in Him and help those in need. Yes, at first everyone is a stranger, but after that things begin changing. Givers begin to connect with their child or a ministry we have. Children and parents who are part of our ministries begin asking about the givers. And before you know it, the givers are asking and praying for those involved and those involved are praying for the givers. Before you know it, these “strangers” who will probably never meet are now forever families.

You see, Jesus did not go to areas He was familiar with when he was doing his missionary work. He went to the unknown and hard places. From those hard places grew peace, love, kindness, and a closer relationship with Him, our Lord and Savior.

And that is what our entire ministry is all about.