A flushing toilet or glass of water from the faucet is an item that daily taken for granted in the western world.


For those who live in developing countries, those everyday accessibilities can mean life or death.

According to UNICEF, “Nearly half of all people using dirty water live in sub-Saharan Africa”(2015).

Clean water, toilets, and good hygiene are vital for the existence of people living in Kibera.

We currently provide:

  • clean water education courses
  • clean and clear water through water filters
  • demonstrations of how to use toothbrushes and toothpaste
  • bars of soap and wash clothes to children
  • clean, regular and school clothes to children
  • reusable sanitary napkins to school girls to ensure that they do not miss a day of school

Save lives for years by providing a family with clean water every month! Become a Tribe Changer!

✔️ Provide Clean Water.
✔️ Keep Families Healthy.
✔️ Transform Lives.

And so much more! You can make a profound impact right where you are. And when we send you the results with their smiling faces...you'll never be same either.