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A girl who receives an education is less likely to be sold into a child marriage or trafficked.


When a child receives an education, he or she's chances of survival increases by an astounding forty percent.


Most children in Africa will not attend school past primary due to unaffordable school fees and family circumstances.

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It just takes one to save a life.

With your monthly donation for sponsorship, you will be able to:

  • Provide a girl or boy with an education by sending him or her to school
  • Give a child a daily meal
  • Receive updates of your sponsored child, learn about her background, and dreams
  • Watch your child grow through quarterly updates and pictures
  • Drastically change the life of a child and their family

WE strive for personal relationships.

Unlike some of the other large nonprofits who do child sponsorship, you can get to know and see your child more frequently. Most nonprofits only can communicate with the child one to two times a year. We do our best to communicate with you through e-mail, phone, and snail mail. We have team members who live in Kenya who watch over your child.

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become a sponsor

Join us in saving lives through education! For $35 a month you can become a child’s greatest miracle. To move forward, click the button and choose a monthly option of $35 per child! And remember, your donation is tax deductible.