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Our Mission + VISION

Our mission, which is founded on Mark 16:15,  is to empower the people of east Africa spiritually, educationally, and economically. We envision a world where everyone deserves the same opportunity no matter their location.

Our Story

Acacia of Hope was founded in 2012 by a group of world changers from Wapakoneta, Ohio. Today, our desire to change the world has spread across the country.

Our name comes from the sacred African Acacia tree.  Far away, its breathtaking silhouette displays Africa’s beauty, while its thorns show Africa’s strength. Acacia of Hope wants to continue that beauty and strength by sharing God’s love and giving opportunities to those in Kenya, most notably in Kibera.

Meet the Team

Our mission is ran by a variety of people in American and Kenya. Together, we make a difference.


Melissa Brown

Founder & Executive Director

Buffaa holds a bachelor and masters degree in Education. She has been part of ministry in Africa for more than 15 years. She enjoys hiking long distances and traveling.  In her free time she enjoys spending time hiking, watching movies, and studying God's Word.


Michael Baeumel


Michael is a life long resident of Ohio, is happily married to his wife Joy, and has two adult daughters, a stepson in College, and enjoys playing with his 2 grandchildren. Michael loves woodworking, drag racing, and serving his Lord.


Laura Schwartz

Vice President

Schwartz is a proud mother of three remarkable children and one extraordinary grandson along with her husband, Brent.  Schwartz is also active in Celebrate Recovery. She loves Jesus and desires to share that love with everyone.


kodi moser


She and her husband have three wonderful children. She enjoys photography, scrapbooking and spending  time outdoors.  She is passionate about serving the Lord wherever He leads.


Laura Heitz


Laura not only is a follower of Christ and active in ministry, but previously lived in Africa as a missionary for many years. Her knowledge and experience with missions in Africa is invaluable. She enjoys spending time visiting her adult children, the outdoors with her friends, and serving God with he husband.

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Teresa and her husband Mark have six children. She is a thankful grandmother to eight fantastic kids. Her hobbies include anything in the sunshine, gardening, and sports.


Scott Miller


Scott is a pastor at Harvest Baptist Church. He and his wife Kelly been married for years. They have two children, Sydney and Cal, and one grandchild. Scott has a passion for sports and sharing Christ with others.



Team Member

Achieng oversees Star of Hope school as the founder and head teacher. Her passionate for her students is astounding. She desires to see every child learn and succeed. Beyond education, she spends time as one of our Bible Club teachers on Saturdays. She enjoys spending time with her daughter.



Team Member

If you see Omwega then you know her smile is not too far behind. Her vibrance permeates those around her. As a pastor's wife, her passionate for Christ is evident.  A teacher by trade, she loves sharing her faith and knowledge with children.


James Omambia

Team Member

Omambia is a natural leader who is passionate about providing opportunity to his community. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with friends and family. He especially enjoys traveling around Kenya and staying busy.

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Team Member

Leonard is a pastor and head principal of K.A.G. Olympic. He and his beautiful wife have four children. His passions include sharing Christ and riding his motorbike. He has a desire to see everyone know the Lord.

Change the world with us...

It only takes one person to make a difference.