[All Smiles for Clean Water]

Acacia of Hope has many ministries, each one vital in its own way, but I must admit, one of my favorites is our water ministry. Not only does it give us an opportunity to meet new people in the area we serve, but allows us a gateway to preaching the Gospel. We can educate families on the science behind clean water, show them how to utilize the UZima water filter, and then share Christ, the Living Water. The testimonies we continually receive, even years later, of how the water filter has changed lives is humbling. The work that you and I are doing over there is so much more than providing clean and pure water for up to ten years, we are providing hope to these people.

Speaking of water, we recently installed a sink. In Kenya, you will find that hand washing stations are located outside rather than inside. We also installed a water tank, where rainwater will be collected and utilized for washing. With over 50 children in our Bible Club and 75+ church attenders alone, it has become a huge necessity that is already being well used. They are so happy to have a sink now!