[ Bible Club Ministry ]

One of my favorite parts of our mission our weekend kid's Bible Club in the Acacia Educational Centre. We enjoy seeing the smile on the children's faces club after club.

At our Bible Club, the kids not only learn about the Lord through teaching, worship, and reading His word, but they also get to spend time being kids. The boys have access to high quality soccer balls and the girls love to skip rope.

At the end of the lesson, the kids share some food along with juice and water. We love using our UZima water filter for our Bible Club. This allows us to use local water while making sure we are giving our children the best...clean and pure water!

We do our best to keep our Bible Club to around 50 children so that we can focus on quality and not quantity. This can be especially difficult since Kibera alone has over 500,000+ in just orphans. We hope that one day we can have multiple Bible Clubs so that we keep our focus on 50 children each time.

In poverty-stricken, third world countries, it is crucial to help the child holistically. A child can not learn if he or she is hungry or ill. A holistic mission such as ours is dedicated to profoundly changing the lives of each individual person rather than focusing on having a large number of persons. We are proud of that, and we hope that you are too! You are able to literally change lives.