[Center Close to Opening]

The last month's progress has been a slow one due to the rainy season that brought an immense amount of flooding within Kibera Slum. We also had some setback with paint color. Despite the setbacks we are so grateful because they are small ones!


Over the last week a coat of plaster has been put on parts of the outside walls to make a smooth foundation for paint. It is always a surprise how a new coat of paint can change the environment so much! The outside paint makes all the difference!

Yesterday, electrical men came by to put in wiring inside, along with painting the inside walls grey. Although the pictures make them appear to be a pale blue!

The funny part of these building colors that it is turning out to be grey on the inside and red on the outside, which are the state of Ohio's colors. It was totally done by accident but now we love how part of Ohio is in Kenya. Every time we use the building we will remember our kind givers that live in the States that have given their hard earned dollars to make this building a success.

Thank you for your continued prayers and giving!