[ Partnership Brings Hope ]

Acacia of Hope is blessed to partner with six different schools in Kenya. One of which is Star of Hope . Star of Hope is a nursery school based in Kibera Slum,  Nairobi Kenya. What makes this school so special is not only the teacher's passion to teach these little children, but the location of this school is very unique. Their clean and enclosed space allows the students to forget their environment and only focus on their education. It is a beautiful!

Early Childhood Education serves the major critical responsibility of making children well prepared for their future education. There is minimal involvement by the Government of Kenya. It is a universal fact that the parents  and Community Based organizatiobs are ultimately responsible for the development, planning and the management of the different childhood programmes. On the other hand, the common problems are also applicable to the system such as lack of program constituency and funding , feeding program , learning materials. At the moment school are  closed because of COVID 19 most the children in Kibera Slum depend on school feeding program. Alot of parents have lost their jobs they can't provide basic needs to their children due to this frustration there is increase of  gender based violence. We are doing a fundraiser to help families and children in Kibera Slum in our school and other schools.

In Kibera Slum, the consequences of the virus portends to limit availability and affordability of food not only for the one million Kenyans documented to be food insecure in times of natural crises such as droughts and floods, but the entire 47 million population.

The market economy dynamics in the country may see food distribution decrease on urban areas as traders exploit the higher purchasing power. COVID 19 movement restrictions will see fresh food including vegetables, fruits, meats and milk decrease  while other parts  like slums face lack of food. As the crisis perpetuates, ‘stay at home ‘and ‘social distancing’ measures may compel farmers, labourers and traders in the food value chain to be restricted from farms, pasture, markets and places of work affecting food production.




So together, Acacia of Hope and Star of Hope desire to beat COVID-19 by working together.  Together, with some amazing donors, we have been slowly feed the children and their families. This week we have been able to start the food drops and feed 30 families. With continued donations we will continue to conduct food drops during the quarantine.

WIll you consider joining us? These people need us so much. Learn more information: https://gf.me/u/x8y3ug