[ Bible Club ]

Every other Saturday a group of beautiful boys and girls enter our center and begin chattering with their friends about life. They play, run around, many times knocking over a chair or two, while they wait. They enjoy each others presence through laughter and play.

Their teacher, teacher Sarah, comes in early with one of our team members to set up chairs and ensure the room is clean and ready for learning.

These children are excited. Some come quite far, walking up to an hour to spend the afternoon with us. Why? To enjoy a time of worship, learning

, and fellowship in Jesus. They desire to know God better and to be better. In fact, we even have muslim children come.  For them, they may see food to eat and water to drink. We see a perfect opportunity to be like Jesus and share what He has done for us.

After the Bible Club, the children hang out together and eat food and drink clean, pure water. Our group of children are always less than 50. We don't desire quantity. We desire quality. We desire to make a profound impact in these children and their families by sharing Jesus and providing needs such as a food, clean water, and opportunity.

We would love for you to be part of our Bible Club! You can learn more here: Become A Tribe Changer.