[ Foods of Kenya ]

Food is at the heart of the Kenyan people. Whether the time is good or not so good, food is always involved. From parties to funerals to just spending time together, food is there!

It is undeniable that the most common food is Ugali. Ugali is made from cornmeal and boiling water. It is made to be dense, to soak up juices from vegetables and meat. If one is not eating ugali, chapati (flatbread) is usually part of the meal. Chapati is a mixture of a tortilla and an Indian naan. It is moist and soft enough to tear and use as your eating utensil with meat or vegetable soup.
Other common foods are rice and beans. If one does not have meat, he or she will most likely cook beans to eat with rice. The beans are soft and flavorful, usually cooked with onions and tomatoes for a delightful taste. You can also find a side of sauteed cabbage or potatoes with it.
If you are looking for a snack or a breakfast food in Kenya, a sausage or mandazi is what you will have. A mandazi is a sweet dough that is fried. They taste the best with a cup of Kenyan chai (tea with milk).
Although there are countless other famous foods in Kenya, such as matoke, chips, and a variety of meat and vegetable dishes, these are the ones that you will find quite easily! And trust me, they are all so delicious!